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Thanks for visiting Switch Scores! We're a site dedicated to ranking as much of the Nintendo Switch library as possible.

With over 8000 games on the Switch and over 100 more coming out every month, this is an ongoing challenge!

How many games are there?

Depending where you go, you'll see a different figure.

  • Wikipedia has a list of Switch games, but at most only 60% of the number of games on the system. They don't include Arcade Archives, ACA NeoGeo, Sega Ages, G-Mode Archives, plus hundreds of "non-notable" titles.
  • Nintendo.co.uk has a similar number of games to Switch Scores, but they include Switch Online games, and also bundles and "special edition" games as separate entries.

Our inclusion criteria and how we keep the database clean

Our policy is to ignore bundles, special editions where there is already a standard version available, and Switch Online games. But we include everything else.

There are some nuances. Some games get delisted; we keep those on the site. Occasionally a game is delisted and then a brand new version added. We've even seen a few games where the original release date is changed so the game appears to be new again. In these cases we keep the original release date intact.

Additionally, we'll edit some of the titles of games for length or clarity. We'll clean up titles all in capital letters, or where the first letter of every word is capitalised. Some games have a subtitle that we remove, leaving only the game title and not additional descriptive text.

To our knowledge, no other site has put in the same amount of manual curation as we have, to have a clean and complete database of Nintendo Switch titles.

How you can help

We're always looking for new review partners - get in touch if you publish reviews on your own site.

You can also register and start adding your own quick reviews.


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