Metro: Last Light Redux

Metro: Last Light Redux

Metro: Last Light Redux is a first-person shooter for the Nintendo Switch. It is ranked #439 on the all-time Top Rated Switch games, with a total of 4 reviews and an average score of 8.30.

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28th Feb 2020 Nindie Spotlight 8.5 Read review
25th Feb 2020 Nintendo Life 8.0 Read review
5th Mar 2020 Pure Nintendo 8.0 Read review

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27th Feb 2022
It's a successful port. The atmosphere in the game is captivating and the story is also interesting. If you haven't played the game yet and like games like this you can definitely have fun with the game. The performance and graphics are probably better on other platforms. But here you get a really good game which is also playable and which you can play on the go. Of course, that really affects the price. My recommendation to gamers who don't know the game and like me don't own any other console than the Switch; buy the game like I did on sale. I bought both ports and have not been disappointed. Just remember - Use headphones and play it by night.

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439 / 4001

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67 / 100

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Availability (Digital) Available
Price £22.49
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Category Shooting » First-person shooter
Players 1
Published by Plaion (ex Koch Media)
Europe release 28th Feb 2020
US release 28th Feb 2020
Japan release 23rd Apr 2020


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Metro: Last Light Redux