The TakeOver

The TakeOver

The TakeOver is a side-scrolling fighting game for the Nintendo Switch. It is ranked #2414 on the all-time Top Rated Switch games, with a total of 9 reviews and an average score of 6.92.

Tags - Beat'em up , Fighting , Side Scroller , Retro inspired

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1st Jun 2020 SwitchWatch 8.1 Read review
31st May 2020 Nintendo Life 8.0 Read review
22nd Jun 2020 Pure Nintendo 8.0 Read review
17th Sep 2020 PS3blog.net 8.0 Read review
4th Jun 2020 Nindie Spotlight 7.0 Read review
4th Jun 2020 Two Beard Gaming 7.0 Read review
17th Jun 2020 Nintendo Insider 6.0 Read review
29th Jun 2020 Video Chums 6.0 Read review
20th Feb 2021 Switchaboo 4.2 Read review

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2414 / 4001

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Availability (Digital) Available
Price £17.99
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Category Fighting » Side-scrolling fighting
Tags Beat'em up , Fighting , Side Scroller , Retro inspired
Players 1-2
Published by Antonios Pelekanos
Europe release 4th Jun 2020
US release 4th Jun 2020
Japan release 4th Jun 2020


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The TakeOver