Rank updates: Don't Knock Twice, Sine Mora EX, Sparkle 2

We've just imported a few more reviews to our database, and three games have had notable rank changes.

Sparkle 2 has moved from 70th to 61st place. Its average rank has gone up from 7.3 to 7.5.

Sine Mora EX has moved from 85th to 89th place. Its average rank has gone up from 6.8 to 6.9.

Don't Knock Twice now has 3 reviews recorded, so it has a rank. Unfortunately, it's not good news: the game is ranked 127th place, with an average rating of 4.0. It's tied with 36 Fragments of Midnight.

Our Top Rated page now includes ranks for 132 Switch titles.

Published: 17th Oct 2017 21:35

Sine Mora EX
Title Sine Mora EX
Rank 1898/4001
Average rating 7.28
eShop price £24.99
Europe release 10th Oct 2017
Players 1-2
Developer(s) Digital Reality
Grasshopper Manufacture
Publisher(s) HandyGames

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