MXGP3: release date and price

MXGP3 now has a price and release date set.

Subtitled "The Official Motocross Videogame", MXGP3 previously had a tentative release window of Q4 2017. It's now been given a date of 20th November.

Priced at £39.99, it's bizarrely a game for 1 player only. Feels like it could've been a multiplayer game. But hey, what do we know?!

Published: 18th Oct 2017 21:31

Title MXGP 3
Rank 3791/4004
Average rating 5.00
eShop price £15.99
Europe release 21st Nov 2017
Players 1
Developer(s) Milestone
Publisher(s) Milestone

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