Moon Hunters: release date and price

Another Switch title has been listed in the eShop with a release date and price.

Moon Hunters is a "personality test RPG", released on 26th October, priced £9.99. Curiously for an RPG, it's listed as a game for 1-4 players.

The game was previously planned to be released sometime in 2017, so we're glad to see a more definite date set. And it's not far away.

It sounds like it could be a cool title - let's hope it is.

Published: 19th Oct 2017 19:48

Moon Hunters
Title Moon Hunters
Rank 1971/4328
Average rating 7.33
eShop price £9.99
Europe release 26th Oct 2017
Players 1-4
Developer(s) Kitfox Games
Publisher(s) Kitfox Games

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