Steamworld Dig and Steamworld Heist physical editions available for pre-order July 9th

Three of the best games on the Switch are getting a physical release, courtesy of the ever-reliable Super Rare Games.

Steamworld Dig and Steamworld Dig 2

Steamworld Dig and Steamworld Dig 2 are available together on a single cartridge, with 5,000 copies available worldwide.

Both games are worth playing, but it's all about Steamworld Dig 2 for me. I'm actually surprised that the sequel isn't given a bit more prominence on the sleeve, given it's fared better in reviews and is a vast improvement over the original.

Still, both games rock, and it's awesome to see them getting a physical release.

Have a look at some of the reviews of both games:

  • Steamworld Dig: Earning a respectable average score of 8.06, in my view the only major downside of the original is it's very short. It's still al lot of fun.
  • Steamworld Dig 2: This takes the formula of the original and runs with it. It's SO much fun. Seriously, this is a must-play game. It's ranked #14 at Switch Scores, with an average score of 9.22.

Steamworld Heist

To be honest, we'd be happy with just those games - but that's not all. Steamworld Heist: Ultimate Edition is getting a physical edition too. Super Rare Games, you're spoiling us. For Heist, there are 6,000 copies available.

It's quite a different game to Dig and Dig 2, being a strategy game but with the same slick aesthetic. (Though, I'd really like to see Dig 3... just saying...)

Heist clearly blew everyone away because it even bettered Dig 2 with its scores. This is currently ranked #8 at Switch Scores. I think it goes without saying that a Top 10 title is one you shouldn't overlook.

Find out more:

  • Steamworld Heist: Currently sitting at #8 of the all-time top rated Switch games in our database, Steamworld Heist has an average score of 9.36. Whether you go for the physical edition or the digital edition, you NEED this game.

Where to buy?

Worldwide pre-orders for both games kick off on July 9th from 6pm BST / 10am PT / 1pm ET. Each game can be ordered for £30 - approximately $31 USD / €33 - or you can get a double-pack for £60. You'll be able to preorder via

So, what are you waiting for? Oh right, it's not July 9th yet. Well, put it in your calendars!

Published: 3rd Jul 2020 18:40

SteamWorld Dig 2
Title SteamWorld Dig 2
Rank 30/4001
Average rating 9.18
eShop price £14.99
Europe release 21st Sep 2017
Players 1
Developer(s) Image & Form
Publisher(s) Image & Form

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