Switch review highlights: 26th December 2020

Merry Christmas all!

Welcome to the final Review highlights post of 2020. Each week, we look at notable ratings from the last 7 days.

Naturally, it's a bit quieter as it's Christmas week. But we do still have some reviews coming in.

Newly-ranked games

Here are the highest ranking games that were not ranked before this week. These are usually new releases, but occasionally older games may appear here too.

Title Rank Average rating
ID: 5084
Title: Among Us
Link title: among-us
603 8.18
ID: 4919
Title: Evolution Board Game
Link title: evolution-board-game
671 8.13
ID: 5025
Title: Landflix Odyssey
Link title: landflix-odyssey
966 7.92
ID: 5048
Title: Tanuki Justice
Link title: tanuki-justice
1302 7.73
ID: 4494
Title: Collection of SaGa Final Fantasy Legend
Link title: collection-of-saga-final-fantasy-legend
2360 7.08
ID: 4884
Title: Battle Hunters
Link title: battle-hunters
2587 6.95
ID: 4740
Title: Grood
Link title: grood
3359 6.33
ID: 5064
Title: Drawn to Life: Two Realms
Link title: drawn-to-life-two-realms
4239 4.26

Ranked games with additional reviews

These games were already ranked before this week, but have had more reviews recently.

Title Rank Average rating
ID: 2584
Title: Doom Eternal
Link title: doom-eternal
210 8.62
ID: 4921
Title: Cthulhu Saves Christmas
Link title: cthulhu-saves-christmas
358 8.42
ID: 4828
Title: Immortals Fenyx Rising
Link title: immortals-fenyx-rising
543 8.24
ID: 4918
Title: Monster Sanctuary
Link title: monster-sanctuary
1098 7.84
ID: 4985
Title: Wildfire
Link title: wildfire
1254 7.75
ID: 4664
Title: MindSeize
Link title: mindseize
1796 7.45
ID: 4609
Title: Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise
Link title: fitness-boxing-2-rhythm-exercise
2634 6.92

Thanks for reading. Until next time!

Published: 26th Dec 2020 14:20

Among Us
Title Among Us
Rank 603/4319
Average rating 8.18
eShop price £3.89
Europe release 15th Dec 2020
Players 1-15
Publisher(s) Innersloth

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