Switch retrospective: January 2018

With over 3,500 games available for the Switch, it's unlikely you've seen them all. To help you find titles you may have missed, we'll be starting a weekly retrospective post where we look back at a previous month in the Switch's life.

This week, we're looking at January 2018.

Top Rated Switch games - January 2018

Below are the Top 10 games released in January 2018.

Title Rating
Celeste Celeste 9.60
Super Meat Boy Super Meat Boy 8.61
Darkest Dungeon Darkest Dungeon 8.42
Super One More Jump Super One More Jump 7.89
World to the West World to the West 7.74
Never Stop Sneakin' Never Stop Sneakin' 7.53
Black: The Fall Black: The Fall 7.50
Furi Furi 7.50
Lost Sphear Lost Sphear 7.40
Strikers 1945 II Strikers 1945 II 7.38

Unranked Switch games - January 2018

There are some unranked games from January 2018. These games have fewer than 3 reviews, which is our minimum to include a game in our site ranking.

Title Reviews
Arcade Archives Double Dragon Arcade Archives Double Dragon 2
ACA NeoGeo King of the Monsters ACA NeoGeo King of the Monsters 2
Moorhuhn Knights & Castles Moorhuhn Knights & Castles 2
ACA NeoGeo Art of Fighting 2 ACA NeoGeo Art of Fighting 2 2
ACA NeoGeo World Heroes 2 ACA NeoGeo World Heroes 2 2
ACA NeoGeo Power Spikes II ACA NeoGeo Power Spikes II 1
Arcade Archives Kid Niki Radical Ninja Arcade Archives Kid Niki Radical Ninja 1
Island Flight Simulator Island Flight Simulator 0

Help with reviewing unranked games

If you're already a partner, we'd love to see a review for one of the above games. Games with 2 reviews only need one more to get ranked at Switch Scores. Games with 1 review, or none, will need a bit more work - but we'll get there!

If you're not yet a partner and you'd like to help get more of the database ranked, check out the Partners page.

The Switch release calendar

Our release calendar is a handy way to see which day each game was released on for a given month, along with a longer Top Rated list.

See the release calendar for January 2018.

Next week

Hope you found this useful - let us know any feedback. Next week, we'll be fast-forwarding to February 2018. See you then!

Published: 25th May 2020 09:36

Title Celeste
Rank 4/4277
Average rating 9.60
eShop price £17.99
Europe release 25th Jan 2018
Players 1
Developer(s) Matt Makes Games
Publisher(s) Matt Makes Games

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