Switch review highlights: 9th January 2021

Welcome to this week's Review highlights post. Each week, we look at notable ratings from the last 7 days.

Newly-ranked games

Here are the highest ranking games that were not ranked before this week. These are usually new releases, but occasionally older games may appear here too.

Title Rank Average rating
ID: 5085
Title: Dicey Dungeons
Link title: dicey-dungeons
58 9.05
ID: 4786
Title: Pixel Puzzle Makeout League
Link title: pixel-puzzle-makeout-league
379 8.38
ID: 5080
Title: Football Manager 2021 Touch
Link title: football-manager-2021-touch
ID: 5030
Link title: bit-trip-runner
1618 7.50
ID: 5053
Title: Mercenaries Blaze: Dawn of the Twin Dragons
Link title: mercenaries-blaze-dawn-of-the-twin-dragons
3004 6.58
ID: 5108
Title: Fatal Fury First Contact
Link title: fatal-fury-first-contact
3199 6.38
ID: 4795
Title: Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues
Link title: cobra-kai-the-karate-kid-saga-continues
3241 6.33
ID: 5031
Link title: bit-trip-fate
3389 6.17
ID: 4519
Title: WeakWood Throne
Link title: weakwood-throne
4134 3.83

Ranked games with additional reviews

These games were already ranked before this week, but have had more reviews recently.

Title Rank Average rating
ID: 2584
Title: Doom Eternal
Link title: doom-eternal
204 8.62
ID: 5082
Title: Grindstone
Link title: grindstone
269 8.50
ID: 4750
Title: Fuser
Link title: fuser
ID: 4915
Title: QV
Link title: qv
790 8.00
ID: 3543
Title: Florence
Link title: florence
949 7.90
ID: 4984
Title: PHOGS!
Link title: phogs
1382 7.65
ID: 4846
Title: Touhou Spell Bubble
Link title: touhou-spell-bubble
1467 7.60
ID: 4829
Title: Tropico 6
Link title: tropico-6
1618 7.50
ID: 1510
Title: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain: Goblin Scourge
Link title: the-warlock-of-firetop-mountain-goblin-scourge
1744 7.44
ID: 5021
Title: SYNTHETIK: Ultimate
Link title: synthetik-ultimate
2705 6.82

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Published: 9th Jan 2021 11:06

Dicey Dungeons
Title Dicey Dungeons
Rank 58/4182
Average rating 9.05
eShop price £13.49
Europe release 16th Dec 2020
Players 1
Publisher(s) Distractionware

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