Switch review highlights: 10th April 2021

Welcome to the latest Review highlights post. Let's have a look at which games have been ranked in the last 7 days.

Update on unranked games

Last week we put out a call for reviewers to help with tackling the unranked games in our database. To help with this, we've rebuilt the Unranked games page on the Reviewers dashboard. This makes it really easy to find games needing reviews, to help get more of the database ranked.

Some stats for where we're at:

  • Games with 2 reviews: 458 - 1 more review needed.
  • Games with 1 review: 697 - 2 reviews needed.
  • Games with 0 reviews: 1397 - 3 reviews needed.

It's a lot, and realistically we aren't expecting to have every Switch game ranked. But we'd love to see more of the games with 2 reviews reaching the 3 reviews threshold we use for ranking games.

Games that have been removed from the eShop are not included in these totals.

It's not only reviewers who can help with these numbers. Anyone can register with their Twitter account and start writing quick reviews. It all helps, and makes it easier to potential buyers to find hidden gems in the 5000+ strong Switch library.

You can also get in touch if you have any ideas to help - send us a tweet at @switchscores or an email at hello@switchscores.com.

Newly-ranked games

Top of the pack this week is Overcooked! All You Can Eat, which breaks into the top 100, and Hatsune Miku Logic Paint S, with an average rating of just over 8/10.

Recent releases What the Dub?!, Say No! More, and Cozy Grove all have ranks. Released in October 2020, Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! now has a rank, thanks to Rapid Reviews UK for the 3rd review of this game.

Title Rank Average rating
ID: 5505
Title: Overcooked! All You Can Eat
Link title: overcooked-all-you-can-eat
537 8.23
ID: 5544
Title: Hatsune Miku Logic Paint S
Link title: hatsune-miku-logic-paint-s
736 8.07
ID: 5618
Title: What the Dub?!
Link title: what-the-dub
1078 7.84
ID: 4693
Title: Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!
Link title: cook-serve-delicious-3
1880 7.38
ID: 5580
Title: Cozy Grove
Link title: cozy-grove
2041 7.29
ID: 5651
Title: Say No! More
Link title: say-no-more
2377 7.05
ID: 5572
Title: Drive Buy
Link title: drive-buy
ID: 5569
Title: The Game of Life 2
Link title: the-game-of-life-2
3882 5.51

Ranked games with additional reviews

What else has been reviewed this week? These games already had ranks but have had additional reviews in the last 7 days.

Title Rank Average rating
ID: 4610
Title: Monster Hunter Rise
Link title: monster-hunter-rise
13 9.38
ID: 4793
Title: Sniper Elite 4
Link title: sniper-elite-4
212 8.61
ID: 5454
Title: Gnosia
Link title: gnosia
240 8.56
ID: 3788
Title: Bravely Default II
Link title: bravely-default-ii
261 8.53
ID: 5328
Title: UnderMine
Link title: undermine
736 8.07
ID: 5217
Title: Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption
Link title: hero-u-rogue-to-redemption
1307 7.71
ID: 5080
Title: Football Manager 2021 Touch
Link title: football-manager-2021-touch
ID: 5132
Title: Root Film
Link title: root-film
1655 7.50
ID: 5570
Title: Narita Boy
Link title: narita-boy
1772 7.45
ID: 4940
Title: Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead
Link title: bridge-constructor-the-walking-dead
2238 7.15

Still unranked

Here are some games that have had one or two recent reviews, but are unranked as they haven't reached 3 reviews. We'd love to get your help with these - why not join us?

Title Rank Average rating
ID: 5432
Title: Tales from the Borderlands
Link title: tales-from-the-borderlands
137 8.75
ID: 5510
Title: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV
Link title: the-legend-of-heroes-trails-of-cold-steel-iv
422 8.33
ID: 5576
Title: Stick Fight: The Game
Link title: stick-fight-the-game
604 8.17
ID: 5673
Title: PAC-MAN 99
Link title: pac-man-99
779 8.03
ID: 5126
Title: The Innsmouth Case
Link title: the-innsmouth-case
936 7.93
ID: 5606
Title: TY the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue HD
Link title: ty-the-tasmanian-tiger-2-bush-rescue-hd
1314 7.70
ID: 5547
Title: Chess Knights: Viking Lands
Link title: chess-knights-viking-lands
1655 7.50
ID: 5474
Title: Star Wars Republic Commando
Link title: star-wars-republic-commando
1935 7.34
ID: 5646
Title: Delicious! Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire
Link title: delicious-pretty-girls-mahjong-solitaire
ID: 5509
Title: I Saw Black Clouds
Link title: i-saw-black-clouds

Thanks for reading. Until next time!

Published: 10th Apr 2021 08:14

Overcooked! All You Can Eat
Title Overcooked! All You Can Eat
Rank 537/4273
Average rating 8.23
eShop price £29.99
Europe release 23rd Mar 2021
Players 1-4
Publisher(s) Team17

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