Newly-ranked Switch games: 10th May 2021

Welcome to Newly-ranked Switch games, a snappier version of our Review highlights series.

Here's a list of games that have received ranks in the last 7 days.

Title Rank Average rating
ID: 5701
Title: World Splitter
Link title: world-splitter
1509 7.56
ID: 5702
Title: Picross S6
Link title: picross-s6
1680 7.47
ID: 5707
Title: Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book DX
Link title: atelier-sophie-the-alchemist-of-the-mysterious-book-dx
1800 7.38
ID: 5725
Title: R-Type Final 2
Link title: r-type-final-2
2294 7.04
ID: 5766
Title: Skate City
Link title: skate-city
2921 6.60

Published: 10th May 2021 09:14

World Splitter
Title World Splitter
Rank 1509/4112
Average rating 7.56
eShop price £11.69
Europe release 21st Apr 2021
Players 1-2
Publisher(s) BUMBLE3

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