American Fugitive

American Fugitive

American Fugitive is an action rpg for the Nintendo Switch. It is ranked #3331 on the all-time Top Rated Switch games, with a total of 8 reviews and an average score of 6.01.

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9th Jul 2019 JPs Switchmania 7.5 Read review
23rd May 2019 Nindie Spotlight 7.0 Read review
23rd May 2019 The Switch Effect 6.0 Read review
23rd May 2019 Rapid Reviews UK 6.0 Read review
25th Jun 2019 Nintendo World Report 6.0 Read review
28th May 2019 Nintendo Life 5.0 Read review
20th Jun 2019 Switch Player 5.0 Read review

Member reviews

27th Feb 2022
The game is absolutely as the reviewer of NintendoLife reports. However, the game have bugs that reduce the fun of the game. The game has potential. Unfortunately, not all errors have been fixed. The way the story is told was a welcome change. I finished the game after that I had no more pleasure on continuing playing it. I had physics-based errors that I've never experienced before. Mainly while driving. Sometimes your car feels like it does have infinite mass. Sometimes it's the other way around and u feel like u can go fly (with ur car). One time my car was indestructible. I was able to drive around while my car was burning for 10 minutes without to explode. Strange vehicle behavior.

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Category RPG » Action RPG
Players 1
Developed by Fallen Tree Games
Published by Curve Digital
Europe release 23rd May 2019
US release 23rd May 2019
Japan release 30th Jan 2020


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American Fugitive