The Super Mario Odyssey reviews are in

You've probably already heard about the outstanding reviews across the board for Super Mario Odyssey.

We're not on the scale of Metacritic, but we've already updated World of Switch with perfect scores from eight different reviewers. There are many more.

As you can see from our Top Rated page, Zelda didn't quite get top marks. So far, Mario has achieved that, sitting at No 1 on our list of top Switch games, with a perfect average rating of 10/10.

It might not last forever, with the possibility of 9/10 or 9.5/10 from some of the reviewers we feature here. But it's an extremely rare sight.

We hope you've avoided major spoilers for Super Mario Odyssey, and will thoroughly enjoy every moment of it. We can't wait to get started.

Published: 26th Oct 2017 18:45

Super Mario Odyssey
Title Super Mario Odyssey
Rank 2/4179
Average rating 9.71
eShop price £49.99
Europe release 27th Oct 2017
Players 1-2
Publisher(s) Nintendo

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