Switch games update and website update: May 2019

It's that time again: time for our monthly update on stats and rankings at WOS.

NB. All stats are based on the UK/European eShop. There may be variations in other regions.

Disqus comments on news posts - Now enabled!

As a quick trial, we've enabled Disqus on news posts, so you can say what you think. We might roll this out to other areas of the site, too. Watch this space.

Site stats update

Our overall stats currently look as follows:

  • 2086 released games (+101 since the last update)
  • 1282 ranked games (+57)
  • 9274 review scores (+397)

The Switch now has over 2000 games. Crazy.

Site updates

In May, we did a lot of work on the site. Some notable changes:

  • Major overhaul of partner data
  • "Games companies" now replace Developers and Publishers being split into two records
  • Review sites can have a Twitter id
  • Design changes to the site - namely, a few tweaks to the fonts
  • Video partnership with SwitchedOnGames
  • Started storing the year/month rank for games
  • Game pages now show the year/month rank, and the year rank
  • Quick reviews - lots of tweaks to make it easier to add a quick review
  • Games collection now shows the number of players

On top of this list, we also made a bunch of changes to the back-end screens, admin area, and the tools we use to update the games database.

A busy month!

Game updates: May 2019

There were 121 games released in May. See the full list.

So far, we've ranked 43 of the games released in May 2019. This will increase as we gather more reviews.

Here are the current top 10 games released in May:

  1. Gato Roboto - rank 53, rating 8.67
  2. Crystal Crisis - rank 73, rating 8.58
  3. VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action - rank 105, rating 8.44
  4. Blazing Beaks - rank 114, rating 8.40
  5. Resident Evil 4 - rank 176, rating 8.17
  6. Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland - rank 181, rating 8.16
  7. Castlevania Anniversary Collection - rank 190, rating 8.13
  8. Duck Game - rank 288, rating 7.90
  9. Black Paradox - rank 299, rating 7.88
  10. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - rank 299, rating 7.88

Published: 2nd Jun 2019 11:13

Gato Roboto
Title Gato Roboto
Rank 934/4001
Average rating 7.89
eShop price £7.19
Europe release 30th May 2019
Players 1
Developer(s) Doinksoft
Publisher(s) Devolver Digital

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