Animal Crossing New Horizons: Fossil and recipe trading lists (ALL GONE)

Update 13th May 2020: All fossils are recipes are now gone!

Every day on your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, four fossils can be dug up from the ground. Early on in the game, most of these will be new to you, and can be donated to Blathers and displayed in the museum (once you unlock it).

Inevitably, as time passes and you fill up more of your museum, you'll get fewer new fossils each day.

For some time I've been selling the excess fossils back to the shop, but I've decided to start saving the duplicates to see if anyone wants to trade them.

I'm also doing a similar thing for recipes I already have.

Below is my current list - I'll update this whenever I have new fossils and recipes to trade. Items marked reserved already have someone interested.

Fossils I have to trade

  • All gone

Recipes - free if you don't know them already

  • All gone

Published: 4th May 2020 11:13

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