Axiom Verge

Axiom Verge

Axiom Verge is a metroidvania for the Nintendo Switch. It is ranked #73 on the all-time Top Rated Switch games, with a total of 10 reviews. It has an average rating of 8.75.

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Destructoid 7.5 11th Oct 2017 Go to review
Pure Nintendo 8.0 9th Oct 2017 Go to review 8.0 2nd Nov 2018 Go to review
Cubed3 9.0 9th Feb 2018 Go to review
Miketendo64 9.0 18th Oct 2017 Go to review
Nintendo World Report 9.0 5th Oct 2017 Go to review
Nintendo Insider 9.0 13th Oct 2017 Go to review
Switch Player 10.0 13th Feb 2018 Go to review
Nintendo Life 10.0 5th Oct 2017 Go to review

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14th Dec 2020
Axiom Verge is a metroidvania inspired by the first Metroid. It's quite ugly, and graphics are very repetitive, music is agressive, there are too many weapons, and bosses are absolutely uninteresting.

But the level design is really good through and through, you're never lost long, and the levels are full of secrets. The gameplay is good, very tight and precise, the enemies are varied, the story is interesting, and the "glitch gun" is a very good and original idea. The game is not very hard on normal difficulty.

If you can go past the ugliness and the agressive soundtrack, Axiom Verge is a very good metroidvania.

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eShop price £14.99
Europe release 5th Oct 2017
US release 5th Oct 2017
Japan release 5th Oct 2017
Link to eShop Visit eShop page
General details
Players 1
Developer(s) Thomas Happ Games
Publisher(s) BadLand Publishing
Category Metroidvania
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Axiom Verge