UnderMine is a roguelike for the Nintendo Switch. It is ranked #662 on the all-time Top Rated Switch games, with a total of 9 reviews and an average score of 8.07.

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12th Feb 2021 Nintendo Life 9.0 Read review
17th Feb 2021 PS4blog.net 9.0 Read review
11th Feb 2021 Use a Potion 8.6 Read review
10th Feb 2021 Nintendo World Report 8.5 Read review
11th Feb 2021 Nindie Spotlight 8.5 Read review
16th Feb 2021 Pure Nintendo 8.0 Read review
7th Apr 2021 SwitchRPG 7.5 Read review
12th Mar 2021 Big Daddy Gaming 4.0 Read review

Member reviews

9th May 2021
I had a great time with UnderMine. With each run, I got a bit further, whether in terms of floors cleared, gold collected, or objectives achieved. Being able to jump adds a new dimension to the way you approach battles. The pilfers that steal gold are initially a pain, but you soon learn how to deal with them. Bosses are tough, but bearable. It's a real gem of a game, which while it's not super original, really hit all the right notes for me. Highly recommended.

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Category Roguelike
Players 1
Published by Thorium Entertainment
Europe release 11th Feb 2021


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