Animal Crossing New Horizons: Let's buy turnips! (Week 2)

Last week, we started a little experiment with turnip prices in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Here's last week's post if you missed it.

After an initial call for people to join me, four people signed up:

  • @muskelsmurf - island name Lalandia
  • @MetroidMike64 - island name Unicornia
  • @TimeMunk - island name Gallifrey
  • @ChrisUnseen - island name Paz Ilha

I set up a simple Google sheet to keep track of everyone's prices. We put in the purchase price on Sunday, and the morning/afternoon prices from Monday to Saturday. Well, we missed a couple - especially on Saturday.

Here's a link to the sheet if you're interested. Below is a chart of the highs and lows of our five islands.

With a small sample, this isn't particularly representative. And a few people asked why not use Turnip exchange? Well, it's a great site, but I had a couple of reasons for doing it this way:

  1. a lot of the people with high prices ask for gifts I can't afford - 99k bells for instance
  2. long queues. Either you don't get in or it'll take forever
  3. I like our little social group :)

Peaks and troughs

Unicornia had the highest price of the week at 168 bells. This was the Friday PM price, so quite late in the week.

We don't have all the prices for Saturday, but my (Benanaland) price for Saturday AM was the lowest, at just 44 bells. But we did see a few other low prices throughout the week: Lalandia was 47 bells on Friday AM; Paz Ilha was 52 bells on Thursday AM; Benanaland was also 52 bells on Friday PM.

Week 1 profit report

After buying 500 turnips at 97 bells at piece last week, this set me back 48,500 bells.

I managed to sell at Unicornia on Friday AM for 158 bells, for a total sale price of 79,000 bells and a profit of 30,500 - an uplift of nearly 63%.

Week 2 investment

Turnips are currently on sale at my island for 103 bells. I've decided to buy the same number as last week - so that's 500 turnips at a cost of 51,500 bells.

I'm ready with a new tab on my trusty Google sheet, so why not share your purchase price and let's play along!

How did you do last week?

Published: 19th Apr 2020 10:23

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