Hexologic is a puzzle game for the Nintendo Switch. It is ranked #1547 on the all-time Top Rated Switch games, with a total of 11 reviews and an average score of 7.37.

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12th Jun 2018 Nindie Spotlight 8.5 Read review
3rd Aug 2018 PS3blog.net 8.5 Read review
14th Aug 2018 PS4blog.net 8.5 Read review
12th Jun 2018 Miketendo64 8.0 Read review
25th Jun 2018 Nintendo World Report 7.0 Read review
3rd Jul 2018 Switch Player 7.0 Read review
31st Jul 2018 Nintendo Insider 7.0 Read review
12th Jun 2018 Video Chums 6.6 Read review
12th Jun 2018 The Switch Effect 6.0 Read review
3rd Jul 2018 Digitally Downloaded 6.0 Read review

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23rd Dec 2020
Hexologic is a classic puzzle game that starts out easy but gets quite tricky as you progress. It's a bit like Kakuro, in that you need to make lines add up to the numbers shown at the edges - but here, you can only use 1, 2 or 3. Every so often, something new is added that changes the games a bit. There are 90 standard levels and either 18 or 21 bonus levels (I think!). For the low asking price you can't go wrong. If you like puzzle games, check it out.

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Availability (Digital) Available
Price £2.49
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Category Puzzle
Players 1
Developed by MythicOwl
Published by MythicOwl
Europe release 12th Jun 2018
US release 12th Jun 2018
Japan release 18th Oct 2018


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